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Welcome to  On a weekly basis I strive to create an article to provide a strategy, hint, or tip to help "enhance" your driving ability so you can make it to that call and ultimately...make it home at the end of your shift.  Many in law enforcement only do driver training once or twice a year, but consistently train on just about everything else.  One issue is the lack of a viable training facility or area to actually drive on at those higher speeds...or they just break out the cones in a parking lot.  The goal of Y.O.U.T.H. is to provide weekly messages to bear in mind as you are driving.  Granted, we all know how to drive or else we wouldn't have the job that we do.  But many tend to to forget that while driving fast is a part of our job when responding to a call...was that higher speed really necessary?  Was taking that curve so fast really worth it when you get yourself wrapped around a tree?  The answer to both is "NO!!"  I don't pull any punches and sugar coat my words.  Traffic related incidents have been the leading cause of Line Of Duty Deaths (LODD) for too many years.  It's time to stop this insanity and drive responsibly.


​​What is the one thing all of us in law 

enforcement do day in and day out?


Whether we are on patrol, responding to a call, chasing a speed or in a pursuit, or even just going to coffee...



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